This is an often asked question, as Squareshot requests the CC info during order placement, but you are not actually paying for anything yet. Here’s everything you need to know about the payment process:

  1. Collection of CC info in the order form is more of a commitment gesture - you are ready to commit to the info in order by a dollar, and thus serious about the images

  2. Charging the card right away defeats the purpose of the setup processes, such as guidelines confirmation shot (which happens before the payment) or the review of the order

  3. We send the invoice out after we have reviewed the received items, confirmed that the total number of the shots corresponds to the request and we have no questions about the images. Sometimes we have receive fewer items than expected or we have more images that are requested. Either way, we reach out to you to confirm every inconsistency we find with the order and recalculate the whole order if there are any changes to it

  4. If any confirmation shot is required, we will proceed to it before we send the invoice out.

  5. The invoice is sent after the test images are confirmed or we are confident there are no further questions to the shoot

  6. The invoice comes pre-filled with the CC info specified in the order form for convenient payment with a single button, or you can change the CC if you deem fit.

  7. We start shooting images upon the invoice payment

More on the payment options you can find HERE

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