We want to keep you and our studio workers safe in these challenging times, so we have a number of COVID-19 safety protocols in place that you should know of:

1) Contactless delivery and pick up - we do not let anyone come inside the studio for any reason what so ever. If you have a package for a drop-off, leave it at the door (knock on it a few times and we will pick it up shortly). Make sure you have the order number for the drop-off. When picking up, make sure you let us know in advance that you are coming to pick the items up, so that we can prepare your items and leave it at the door with the order number on it.

2) All the packages are opened after 24-hour decontamination upon retrieving them and placing them in our decontamination area inside the studio.

3) When there are several workers inside the studio, we practice social distancing and wear masks (we have plenty of those). We also have plenty of gloves and disinfectants to ensure the complete safety of every worker at the location.

4) The studio is kept COVID-free with regular clean-ups.

With the COVID-19 pandemic on our doorstep, one can never be cautious enough, so we hope for your understanding and support.

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