When shipping products to our studio, it is imperative for you to know how shipments are processed with the major delivery companies.

Our studio is located in a building with multiple businesses. Mail delivered to our studio is processed by the building.

Packages sent via USPS and FedEx Ground go to the Sorting Facility first and it takes 1-2 business days for it to be placed in the mailroom for us to retrieve.

Thus, when your USPS tracking number says that the package was delivered on Wednesday, we might not get hold of it up until Friday or the following Monday.

When shipped via UPS, Federal Express, or when doing an in-person drop-off, the packages are delivered to the door and are retrieved the same day they are delivered.

For our clients located within NYC, we also recommend using NYC courier service Stuart On Demand for their impeccable communication and delivery reliability

Note, that due to the internal COVID-19 safety protocol, all the packages are opened after 24-hour decontamination upon retrieving them and placing them in our decontamination area inside the studio.

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