Before you fill out the order form please make sure your products meet our basic product requirements:

For a complete list of categories we shoot, see this article or our work section on a website.

Product Condition:
Clean, unworn products w/o stains, holes, damages, or production defects.

Up to 50’x30’x30’. The products between 30'x30'x30' - 50'x30'x30' are considered as oversized. 

Up to 15lbs. The additional charges may be applied as the product weight is over 15 lbs. 

Apparel note: 

  • Make sure to send the products of the proper size.
  • Make sure that your product(s) are clean and carefully ironed. If you are not able to deliver a clean and carefully ironed product(s), we are happy to provide the ironing/steaming service for $1.95 per item (not per image).

Important notes: 

  • The total price and the order turnaround time may vary and depends on availability, product category, quality, and any specific shooting directions.
  • The additional charges may be applied if the product has visible production defects, stains, holes, or scratches that require additional time to style the product, make it look symmetrical, or fix the issues during retouching.
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