The Squareshot team created a unique gradation of image difficulty and sorted it into 4 product photography categories such as Basic, Standard, Advanced and Complex images to organize product photography workflow, provide thoughtful pricing to our clients based on the time needed to produce the images and predict the order turnaround time more precisely. 

One of the best examples that illustrate the benefits of our image difficulty gradation is that close up Images of clothing have a lower cost than the full view clothing shots because it requires less time to produce such images.
It saves a ton of money to our clients and gives them more accurate turnaround time estimates because we understand what exactly we need to shoot and how much time required to get the job done.  

Below you will find 4 categories arranged in complexity order, from easier to the most difficult and time-consuming images: 

Basic Category


  • Accessories (Wallets / Pouches / Hats / Beanies / Phone Cases / Gloves / Sunglasses / Laptop Sleeves / Books / Magazines
  • Tumblers / Bottles / Glasses
  • Socks: Flat Lay
  • Ties / Bow Ties (w/o tying or complex styling involved)
  • Standard Footwear (all shoes except sandals, over-the-knee boots and shoes w/ straps)
  • Grocery & Households
  • Close up Images (e.g: clothing details, brand logos, stitching...)
  • Other Small Products (size up to 12'x12'x12', not reflective, has a standard form, w/o straps, and styling involved)


Standard Category


  • Standard Clothing (casual, sport, streetwear clothing except Blouses, Dresses, Skirts): Flat Lay
  • Standard Underwear (not transparent, basic fit, w/o straps or additional styling): Flat Lay
  • Men's Underwear: Ghost mannequin
  • Socks: Ghost mannequin
  • Scarves (w/ folding or styling involved)
  • Ties / Bow Ties (w/ tying or complex styling involved)
  • Belts (no styling or wrapping involved)
  • Tote bags: Flat Lay
  • Complex Footwear (sandals, over-the-knee boots or any shoes w/ straps. E.g. ankle straps)
  • Electronics (except headphones with cables)
  • Health & Beauty Products (cosmetics, grooming...)
  • Suitcases
  • Jewelry (Rings)
  • Umbrellas


Advanced Category


  • Standard Clothing (casual, sport, streetwear clothing, dresses): Ghost Mannequin
  • Women's Underwear / Swimsuits / Bathing Suits (not transparent, basic fit, w/o straps or additional styling): Ghost Mannequin
  • Belts (with styling or wrapping involved)
  • Watches
  • Jewelry (Necklaces / Bracelets / Chokers / Earrings)
  • Briefcases / Tote Bags / Handbags / Clutches / Shoulder Bags (with straps, styling or stuffing involved)
  • Group Shots / Small Product Sets (up to 5 items)
  • Oversized Items (30'x30'x30' - 50'x30'x30'. E.g. Sheets / Carpets / Rugs)


Complex Category


  • Backpacks / Bucket / Duffel Bags (w/ straps, styling and stuffing involved)
  • Sheet Sets (2-4 folded items in a set, steaming, styling involved)
  • Complex Clothing (transparent, unusual fit, additional styling: straps, bows, wraps, ties. E.g. Robes): Ghost Mannequin
  • Outfit (a set of up to 3 items): Ghost Mannequin 
  • Outfit (a set of up to 3 items, styling involved): Flat Lay
  • Complex Multi-layer Jewelry 
  • Metal, reflective watches (such as luxury or any analog watches)  


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