No payment required before we receive your products. Before you ship your product to us, we will send you a total price and turnaround time based on the filled-in Order Form that requires confirmation from your side. 

When the products have been delivered to the studio, we recalculate the number of images and notify you of the additional or missing items. If there are items missing, we amend the order to fit the number of shots we can make with the items present at the studio. We review every order and reconfirm the shots before we send out the invoice.

After that, we will send you a payment link. We accept 100% upfront payment*. We use Stripe payment provider so you can pay with all major Credit / Debit cards. 

The items that have been delivered to the studio after the invoice has been sent are considered as a new order, for which a separate invoice will be sent.

When the products have been delivered to the studio, we recognize the actual intent to shoot the products, thus expect the payment of the invoice to be made within 5 business days. If no payment has been submitted in that period, we will apply the charge to the card provided in the order. In case the transaction is not completed due to insufficient funds or any other reason, the invoice will maintain open and a product maintenance fee will be applied to the invoice at the amount of $7/day.

The turnaround time doesn't start until the payment of the invoice.

Here's how we protect you: 

  • We provide a test (paid) image before we proceed with the whole order to confirm the guidelines you have set, such as quality, angle, lighting, etc. We want to make sure you will receive the images you requested in the order form, so please be as specific as it possible. Tests take 3-5 business days and are not included into the general turnaround time

  • We accept the re-shoot/retouching requests by email or through the Squareshot gallery within 5 business days from the time when the order was completed. Get more information in the section Revision Policy.

  • Please read our reviews before you’re going to place an order: Trustpilot Reviews and Google Reviews

You have a few options to get your product(s) back:

  1. You can pick up your products from the Squareshot office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY. Get more information about Order Pickup.

  2. You can request a return shipping label to be generated when filling the Order Form.

Important note:

  • If you don’t need your products back, you can choose the option “I don’t need the products returned to me” when filling in the Order Form.

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