How it works?

  1. Fill out the order form
    Get started with a simple Q&A  Order Form to describe your needs and calculate the price and order turnaround time.
  2. Ship or drop off your products
    Once we review and estimate your  Order Form we will send you a confirmation email with shipping address and detailed instructions.
  3. Pay once we receive it
    Once we receive your product, we will send you a confirmation email with the final invoice. You can pay with PayPal or all major Credit / Debit cards.
  4. Download the shots
    We start shooting once we receive your payment, and send you a Dropbox link to review and download the shots as soon as we’re done.
  5. Get your products back
    Shipping fees will be included in your invoice if you didn’t provide a prepaid return label in your shipment. Or you can pick up your products for free from our office in Brooklyn, NY.

Important note: 

  • Please do not send or drop off your products before you fill out the order form and receive a confirmation email with a price quote, order turnaround time and 6 figures order ID (example: #000000). 

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